One morning, Gregor wakes up to discover that he has transformed into a bug,freaking out his parents, his sister, and his manager. Cold-heartedly, his fatherdrives him away with a stick. Bleeding, the bug falls back to the room and thedoor is slammed shut on him. 

His sister is the first one to visit him, and she brings him food too. After eating, the bug climbs up the ceiling for some fresh air and for a view of the grey sky outside the window. While preventing his beloved picture of a woman from being removed by his sister and mother, the bug falls and injures himself. Furthermore, he is attacked by his father with apples. An apple sinks into his back.

Having lost their provider, Gregor’s family has to work hard. Seeing Gregor, the borders at their house also want to move out. At last Gregor’s family wants to get rid of him. In the end, Gregor breathes his last while thinking about his family with tender affection. His sacrifice brings hope and future to his family.